Cet.la, CPR-LATAM and CAF launched the ‘Latin American Journal of Digital Economy’

In the framework of the annual meeting of CPR-Latam in Cartagena, the project was presented to encourage the academic development of the region. By 2018, the new publication, “Latin American Journal of Digital Economy”, will be the referent academic magazine for the region. The Editorial Committee will be composed of personalities from Latin American and international academia.

This 22 and 23 June, in the framework of the CLT in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), the XI CPR LATAM Communication Policy Research Conference 2017 is taking place, and will have as central themes for discussion and reflection policies in Telecommunications and Information Technologies for the Economic and Social Development.

In this context, it is announced the publication of the Latin American Journal of Digital Economy, the new academic venture carried out jointly by the Latin American Telecommunications Studies Center (cet.la), the Latin American Development Bank and the Interdisciplinary network of Latin American research centers CPR-LATAM.

It will be a biannual academic journal designed to share original research articles. The aim of the publication will be to create a space for academic reflection that contributes to a better understanding of the economic, technological and social aspects of telecommunications and information technologies in Latin America, seeking to improve the quality of public policies in the region.

In this regard, Prof. Raúl Katz, Chairman of CPR-LATAM and member of the Editorial Committee of the Journal, said “The creation of this magazine fills a gap in the sharing of active research in the areas of telecommunications and digital industries. From CPR-Latam, we are excited to sponsor a valuable initiative to further stimulate multidisciplinary research on these issues in the Latin American region”.

On the other hand, Mauricio Agudelo, CAF’s Telecommunications Expert and member of the Editorial Committee of the new publication, added that “this initiative aims to generate a space of diffusion for high-quality research in Latin America and the Caribbean on the main challenges of the digital economy in the region. Without the academic vision that provides a critical and deep vision on the problems and their solutions we will continue to wander in the “cave world”.

For his part, Pablo Bello, Executive Director of cet.la and member of the Editorial Committee of the magazine, commented that “the project is designed to be a mean of diffusion aimed at researchers at a regional level, encouraging quality academic development and giving opportunities to publicize different researchs and projects related to the latin american digital ecosystem”. He added that it is hoped that “the academic community of Latin America will take ownership of the magazine perceiving it as a mean of inspiration and a source of valuable information.”

The Editorial Committee will be also composed of personalities from Latin American and international academia as Hernán Galperin, Fernanda Viecens, Roberto Breslin, Caridad Anias, Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol, Judith Mariscal, Raúl Katz, Roxana Barrantes, Aldo González, Marcio Iorio, Christopher Yoo, Emily Taylor, Mauricio Agudelo and Pablo Bello.

From the magazine authors will be invited to postulate unpublished articles on aspects related to policies and regulation of telecommunications, ICTs, Digital Ecosystem and Information Society in general. Articles submitted to the journal will undergo a review process, which consists of an anonymous double (double-blind) arbitration system. The first edition of the publication will be published in April 2018.

You may obtain extended information by writing to estudios@tel.lat.