Reimagining telco operations in a hyper-digital world


Bernd Schreiber, Vincenzo Basile, Lokesh Dadhich, Marius Romanescu, Rishi Patil


Arthur D. Little

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Organizations in today’s digital age are witnessing technology trends that are profoundly reshaping value chains across industries. Digitalization is an all-pervasive trend acting as the disruptor-in-chief of business and operating models across converging industries. The telecom industry, which is at the heart of the digitalization megatrend and a key digitalization enabler, is not immune to this disruption. In this context, a key question facing telecom-industry executives is: is there an opportunity for telcos to reimagine their operations to leverage digital technologies, and if yes, what is the economic value and how can they achieve this?
A vast number of operations digitalization possibilities are constantly evolving with technology advancements, and represent significant potential to propel telcos towards a new efficiency frontier. Yet, digitalization of operational processes is either unaddressed or unexploited in the digital agendas adopted by telco players.
In this report, we present our perspective on the strategic imperative, the available opportunities for telcos, and the approach to pursuing internal digitalization. We also offer our insight on ways of achieving a target blueprint of “future of telecom operations” at the extreme frontier of operational efficiency to compete and win against more agile and digital-centric competitors.